Whether you are brand new to fitness or know a lot already, we are here to help guide you to your goals. We know you can do it. You might not know exactly how to start or what to do, and that's where we come in. Let us get to know you and work with you to find a plan that works best for you. Our programs are all unique to each client.

Meet the Trainer

Emily Watkins

Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

Barefoot Training Specialist, EBFA

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach

Emily is a late-comer to the fitness industry. Having hated middle school gym class (who really loves dodge ball, anyway??), she did, however, spend a lot of time dancing. As an adult, she discovered Zumba and realized that fitness is great when you find what you love.


She enjoys working with clients who are overwhelmed and intimidated by a "normal" gym, helping them find something that they love. Emily works to bring well-researched fitness and nutrition concepts to her clients, and helps them work on healthy and sustainable habits methodically and without resorting to quick-fix solutions (unless they work for the client).


Emily trusts her clients' intuition and empowers them to do the work necessary to achieve their goals, guiding and coaching them gently and effectively through positive feedback and evidence-based concepts.

What To Expect During

Your First Consultation 


Lots of listening. Be ready to tell us anything that you think might be relevant to your training.


Reviewing your paperwork. Go here to get the forms that you'll need to complete ahead of your appointment.


Measurements and a movement assessment. Wear shorts or capri pants if possible.


No judgment. We are here to help you begin or continue a journey, starting wherever you are right now!

More About Emily

She works to help others but also to be a good example to her two adolescent sons and to be the best wife she can be to husband, Justin. She is always working on her own fitness and wellness goals and brings her own personal experience to the table as examples of things that might or might not work.

She loves red wine and cheese, and is learning how to enjoy them in moderation. She loves to travel and see what life is like in other corners of the world. She also loves to learn about the world through reading. She is also a singer, dancer and actress in her spare time.