Welcome to Personal Training at Empowered Wellness & Fitness Studio!

Getting Started

Before we get started, there's a bit of paperwork. I know, it's a bummer! We'll get it out of the way now so we can get started as quickly as possible. It helps us get to know you! If you need any help, just talk with your trainer. No worries if you can't get it all done on your own! We know you're busy, and we have time to help you.


We will have an initial consultation, where we'll talk about your goals and your diet, get to know each other, take a tour of the studio, learn about any injuries or issues that you have that may impact training and just see if it's a good fit. That's where we'll go over this paperwork and/or work on it together.


Then we'll do a fitness assessment that includes some movement and circumference measurements. Then we'll have you hop on our special scale that measures weight, BMI, body fat, muscle percentage, visceral fat, your body age based on all those numbers and also your basic caloric needs.