How to Improve Your Diet

March 5, 2016

At Empowered Wellness & Fitness Studio, we LOVE exercise!  But we know that exercise is literally just a fraction of how you will lose weight and stay healthy.  Your diet is about 80% responsible for your body's make-up.  Feed it well!


The way that I track my eating is with My Fitness Pal.  The best way to get started is simply to start tracking what you're eating.  No need to make changes.  Just track for a couple of days to see how it feels.  No need to judge.  Just make sure to track everything.  


When you have the habit down of tracking, the next step is to scan back over what you've eaten.  The website/app will give you a really good idea of how everything breaks down so that you can see how many carbs you're taking in, how much fat and how much protein.


It's never a great idea to try to change too much at once, so choose one thing to improve for a couple of days.  Try something that you're pretty sure you can do.  If you love to have a snack before bed, don't give it up just yet.  Try a change at lunchtime.  If you have a huge sweet tooth, try swapping your candy bar for some fruit.


Some substitution ideas: swap sugary drinks like soda and juice with water.  Replace processed snack foods with fruit or veggies.  Instead of putting your sauce on pasta, use squash or veggie noodles.


See how you feel after a couple of days.  Then add something else.  You'll be feeling the difference in no time!

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