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March 21, 2016

It's almost the end of the quarter! 

That means that we're getting geared up to award two of our hard-working members with recognition of that hard work!  Tune in next week for the winners!

We'll also announce the winner of free breakfast with Emily & other prizes for our early morning attendees next week.  You still have 6 classes you can attend to get in the running!

Classes this week:

Monday 3/21 5:30pm Core with Emily

Monday 3/21 6:00pm Dance Club with Alex

Tuesday 3/22 5:30am HIIT/Core with Caitlin

Tuesday 3/22 4:30pm Yoga with Marion

Wednesday 3/23 8:45am Zumba with Emily

Wednesday 3/23 9:30am Yoga with Marion

Thursday 3/24 5:30am HIIT/Core with Emily

Thursday 3/24 9:30am Zumba with Emily


Saturday Line-Up:

7:30 Strength with Emily

8:30 Zumba with Amy



Please note that there will be no Yoga this Saturday, March 26. There WILL be Dance HIIT on Sunday! Happy Easter!



- Attend 5:30am classes for a chance to win breakfast with Emily & other prizes!
- Invite your friends to class with you.  Get 50% your next month when they join!
- Come to Maxine's 3-part yoga series for stress & anxiety. Thursdays, April 14, 21 & 28.  Free for members & $10 drop-in for non-members.
- Join Emily on myfitnesspal (emilywatkins76)


How do you measure up?

Join us this Friday at 5pm for measurements. For $10, we'll measure inches, weight, body fat, etc. and keep your numbers on file. Stay for Strong & Limber at 5:30 with the last 15 minutes dedicated to TRAIN THE TRAINERS. Bring your "favorite" exercises for the trainers to do! Click here to register yourself for class and measurements.




Introducing: Fitness Parties!

You've likely gone to a Tupperware party, right? Well, we're offering fitness parties for you and your friends. Invite your besties to join you at the studio after hours for your favorite class (or how about a sampler?)! We'll tell them all about what we offer, you get to work out together, we'll do your measurements, and when they join, you get $25 off your membership per person! Talk to Emily to get a date set for you and your besties!Email or call 507-218-2282.

Who do you know who wants to get fit?


Invite your friends and family in the Rochester area to try a class for free. Go to our Facebook page here.Share the top pinned post that is a link for people to sign up for their free class! 


This week's recipe comes from Caitlin.  It's a delicious and satisfying sweet treat that is good for you! Fresh Mango Coconut Chia Seed Parfait 


Our featured class this week is Full Body HIIT Wednesdays at 4:30 with Caitlin. Have you tried this fabulous class yet? Intimidated by its name? Here's what participants have to say:"So glad I finally did the HIIT class. It was a great a workout and went fast. It is a little intimidating to think about trying if you have not attended. With that said, what I do appreciate about Empowered is that all levels are made to feel welcome and comfortable. So just getting started, I don't get discouraged when I cannot do things to the max level. Caitlin did such a nice job giving alternative exercises for varying levels.""I really enjoyed it, the time flew! I have really seen improvement in my strength and core from attending the Saturday morning strength and Full Body HITT. I feel they are sort of similar classes. There are tons of modifications for anything we do. Don’t judge a class by its title or description, try it out a couple times first!""Full Body HIIT is a great mix of cardio and strength training. It allows you to obtain a full body workout in 60 minutes. The setup and exercises reminds me a lot of Boot Camp. I personally like the exercises that incorporate weights. I encourage everyone to try a Full Body HIIT class. There’s modifications for every exercise and you go at your own pace while obtaining a full body workout."


Welcome to new member, Kathy Kendall!  Meet Kathy Kendall!I grew up in Austin, MN and have lived in Rochester for 36 years.I have been married to my husband, Don, for 33 year and have one son, Sam, who is 26. Sam lives in Winona and is married to Olivia. They blessed us with our first grandchild on 5/10/15 , William will be 10 months in March. He is such a sweetie, love being a grandma. :)My mother-in-law lives with us and was 105 in February.I am an RN at St. Marys Hospital and work in the Brain Rehabilitation Clinic.For my second job, my husband and I renovate and sell homes that are in great need of TLC. I do a lot of painting and cleaning. I also enjoy quilting, flower gardening, bird watching, spending time with my grandson and with family and friends.My favorite classes are Zumba and yoga, I should be doing core, but not my favorite, kind of scares me. :) My favorite class time is at 4:30. I am a cancer survivor and I make amazing cheesecakes, or so I am told. :)Congratulations to Kathy on being a cancer survivor!!! And a huge welcome to our community!!!! We're so glad you're here!



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