The Surprising Problem with Calorie Counting Part 2

Read the article by John Berardi Ph.D. and Helen Kollias here: Ph.D. and check out the infographic below.


Last week we talked about the trouble with counting calories that you take in. In this article, they discuss the problem with tracking calories burned through activity. 


Please don't let this frustrate you. I know you're constantly bombarded by information about exercise and nutrition. This is more to show you that some of the complicated systems that people use have their flaws. Sometimes it's better not to try to count everything. There are easier and more sustainable ways to make sure you're getting the movement you need!


Idea #1 - JUST MOVE! Do something. Take a short walk. Outside or at the mall. Park farther away. Take the stairs. All those old ideas!


Idea #2 - do something you really enjoy! You'll stick with it.


Idea # 3 - do it with a buddy!



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