Sugar Awareness Cheat Sheet

from Caitlin

Things You Might Want to Know about Sugar

From Caitlin


  • Sugar is sugar. Whether it's honey, table sugar, agave, or any other kind of sugar, it ALL works the same in your body. Too much is never a good thing. Raw honey can offer some antioxidants, but moderation is key.


  • Eat fruit before or immediately after exercise. Fruit contains fructose, which is a simple carbohydrate or "quick" sugar. Your body uses this type of carbohydrate for energy immediately. What it can't use your body stores as fat. Also eat in moderation with a variety.


  • Try to find premade foods like granola and spaghetti sauce with 9gm of sugar or less.


  • There are 4gm of sugar per teaspoon. Next time you see something with the amount of sugar in grams, calculate it into teaspoons and it makes a huge mental difference when it comes to whether or not you'll want to eat it.


  • When it comes to yogurt, try plain and add your own sweetener plus fruits. You'll end up with fewer teaspoons and it will be just as satisfying.


  • Craving something sweet? Sit for about 5 minutes and meditate or do a chore around the house, then revisit the craving. Was it a true craving or just a passing moment of emotional hunger?


  • A regular can of soda has about 33gm of sugar or 8.25 teaspoons in it. If you drink a soda a day that's about 924 calories per week and 3696 calories per month. You could lose 1 pound a month just by cutting out soda.


  • Work for it! If you really have to have something sweet and you can't resist, go for it. It’s okay to allow yourself a little something every once in a while. Make it work out-earned, so then you've challenged yourself to a good workout and enjoyed a small treat.